Audit Committee
The audit committee will oversee our accounting and financial reporting processes and the audits of the financial statements of our company.
Compensation Committee
The compensation committee will assist the board in reviewing and approving the compensation structure, including all forms of compensation, relating to our directors and executive officers.
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
The nominating and corporate governance committee will assist the board in selecting individuals qualified to become our directors and in determining the composition of the board and its committees.
Executive Management Committee
Executive management committee is responsible for
(i) overseeing our operational and business activities,
(ii) managing risks across all business units and mid-to-back office functions, and
(iii) implementing and executing policies and strategies as determined by our board of directors.
Investment Banking Executive Committee
Investment banking executive committee is responsible for
(i) approving acceptance of new business mandates,
(ii) the overall review and management of potential risks and conflicts that may arise from new business mandates, and
(iii) reviewing and approving the execution of investment banking transactions.
Investment Committee
Investment committee is responsible for
(i) reviewing and approving the investment-related activities across asset classes,
(ii) providing parameters and guidance to the investment team, and
(iii) post-investment management.